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Grace for the Good Girl Book Review

I stumbled upon this book when Emily Freeman came to my local Barnes and Noble. She was there advertising her new coloring book, Simply Tuesday, and my mom wanted to go as she had read her blog.
Before her book signing, I bought her book Grace for the Good Girl on account that it looked like it applied a lot to my life. I quickly dived in, the book a joy to read. Normally a huge fiction and fantasy reader, I was surprised to find myself picking it up instead of the library book I was in the middle of.
Through the entire book, I felt as though Emily Freeman was speaking directly to me. I believe that many teenage girls can identify with being a 'Good Girl', as described in the book. Emily shares her 'Good Girl' story and how she came to discover how to let go of the 'Good Girl' mask she was hiding behind. The book is geared slightly more toward adult women, but I still found it very helpful. Emily does have a version of the book that she wrote specifically for t…

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